Relationship (The deal is never closed with women)

One thing we have to remember as men is that the deal is never closed with our women. Men, we have to keep pursuing our women until the day we die. Just because we get married, the deal doesn’t stop there. Our women need us to hold doors for them, kiss them like it’s the first date, tell them we love them, tell them how beautiful they are, and many other things that comes with the package.

I’m not perfect and know that I have to keep improving in this area. This is part of the reason I write about these things.  I’m guilty of thinking I don’t have to work as hard as I use to. It’s easy to fall in this way of thinking with our hectic schedules. Our women need us even more than they did before marriage. Things like kids tend to bring a little extra weight. We need to reassure them that we love them. This doesn’t mean just saying it; our actions have to match it. If they have gain a few extra pounds, workout with them. Things like walking and riding bikes together can do wonders.

Also, men we have to continue to take care of ourselves as well. Trust me, women like to see their men in shape, well groomed, and many other things that come with the package.

There are so many ways we can continue to pursue our women. Weight might not be your wife problem, it could be something else. Just remember, they need us to keep hunting them. Here are a few suggestions to help:

  • Write them a letter (the old fashion way)
  • Surprise date
  • Open doors
  • Tell her how beautiful she is
  • Give her a meaningful hug
  • Send her flowers at work
  • Give her a nice tongue kiss
  • Go dancing
  • Renew your vows

I hope you find this information helpful!!!


About balancej

I'm a humbled man on the mission to achieve as much of life's wisdom that I possibly can. I'm fascinated by the way we live our lives and the areas we place the most emphasis on as humans. I believe that in order to achieve life's greatest gifts, we have to balance our lives. This balance consists of spirituality, mental and physical health, relationships, career, and money in this order. Anytime these areas of life are out of place, we can expect more stress than we need. I hope you enjoy visiting my site as I share the current and future knowledge of attaining the wonderful balance of life.
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2 Responses to Relationship (The deal is never closed with women)

  1. Chantaye says:

    I love this one! lol!

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