Who Am I?


Who Am I?


I am a man who’s on a mission to better myself and those around me. I know life is full of lessons. I have learned that my mind is the most dangerous and powerful tool I have. What once would upset me, now only fuels me. I am a man who has many flaws. Sometimes I’m emotionless because I understand life will continue to flow with or without me. My physical time on this planet has an expiration date; however my influence is timeless. I have learned to compete with myself opposed to others. Sometimes people misconstrue my passion for being stubborn, kindness for weakness, and size for lack of strength. I am destined to be where I am and where I’m headed. I will be a renowned author and speaker someday. I am not afraid of the moment. When I set my mind on something, I won’t stop until I get it. All my imperfections are perfect. I live by the motto, “without the struggle, there can be no progress”. I am an avid reader who also loves to write. I will continue to embrace the struggle; for without it, there’s no growth.

Who am I? I’m balancej…


About balancej

I'm a humbled man on the mission to achieve as much of life's wisdom that I possibly can. I'm fascinated by the way we live our lives and the areas we place the most emphasis on as humans. I believe that in order to achieve life's greatest gifts, we have to balance our lives. This balance consists of spirituality, mental and physical health, relationships, career, and money in this order. Anytime these areas of life are out of place, we can expect more stress than we need. I hope you enjoy visiting my site as I share the current and future knowledge of attaining the wonderful balance of life.
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4 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. 31 says:

    Good stuff

  2. Mery says:

    Great guy! Love it!!

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