You Are Them…

You are them…

Those who surround us help define us. Culling our company is probably the most important thing we will do in our lifetime. Nonetheless, many of us take this very thing for granted. I realize we can’t always control every aspect of our life; however we can choose who we let in our circle. I know we aren’t supposed to judge one another; however, selecting the wrong company can have severe implications on everything we do and become. No, we can’t hand-pick our parents unfortunately and no, we can’t choose their belief. The hand we are dealt in the cards of life doesn’t give everyone an “Ace”. However, we shouldn’t allow this to dictate the rest of our lives like many of us do. Subconsciously there are things that we really have to work at that was bestowed upon us as kids. Nonetheless, once we reach a certain age, we can choose a different path if we like. This can be extremely hard to do for most of us. If our immediate circle always play the victim, eventually we will become the victim as well; nevertheless, if our immediate circle believe in attaining greatness, learning and uplifting, and embracing challenges eventually we will do the same.
Life can be extremely cruel and may not always be fair; nonetheless, seek out those who believe in you, uplift you, inspire you, challenge you, and are honest with you. When you find these types of people, keep them very close because you will eventually become them…

Do you have a great circle?


About balancej

I'm a humbled man on the mission to achieve as much of life's wisdom that I possibly can. I'm fascinated by the way we live our lives and the areas we place the most emphasis on as humans. I believe that in order to achieve life's greatest gifts, we have to balance our lives. This balance consists of spirituality, mental and physical health, relationships, career, and money in this order. Anytime these areas of life are out of place, we can expect more stress than we need. I hope you enjoy visiting my site as I share the current and future knowledge of attaining the wonderful balance of life.
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