My Shoes

All of us experience things we question at times on this journey of life. Life can be exquisite or grotesque depending on our perspectives. I’m constantly reminded that until you step inside someone’s shoes, hold your judgement. Clearly most of us have all the answers to most of the problems of the world sometimes. We question, why can’t someone do it this way or that way? All of us come with a unique situation that helps mold our wiring for the rest of our lives if we never venture out of it. No two people are alike.

When a person is hungry, nothing else really matters. In order to move to the next level, we must satisfy our hunger first. Someone who has never had to worry about where their next meal was coming from, probably wouldn’t understand the significance of being hungry. I get it, there are many types of shoes out there; nevertheless, just because you can afford them, it doesn’t give you the right to dictate how someone else should live. My shoes are fine…


About balancej

I'm a humbled man on the mission to achieve as much of life's wisdom that I possibly can. I'm fascinated by the way we live our lives and the areas we place the most emphasis on as humans. I believe that in order to achieve life's greatest gifts, we have to balance our lives. This balance consists of spirituality, mental and physical health, relationships, career, and money in this order. Anytime these areas of life are out of place, we can expect more stress than we need. I hope you enjoy visiting my site as I share the current and future knowledge of attaining the wonderful balance of life.
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