Having too much noise in our lives will definitely have a negative impact on our wellbeing. According to, noise is defined as a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired. My definition for “noise” is someone or something that tries to keep us from attaining our current or future goals.

Noise can be extremely difficult to deal with; especially when it’s family and/or friends. Sometimes the ones we love most can do the most damage. They may be verbally and/or physically abusive and not be aware of it. Being verbally abusive doesn’t mean shouting, blaspheming, or being demeaning; it could be simply telling someone what they can’t do or pointing out all the negative things opposed to the positive. Nor does physically abusive mean punching, kicking, or shaking someone; it could be as simple as bringing the wrong foods around us when we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, which will cause physical harm (hear attacks, diabetes, strokes, etc.) later on.

If all we ever hear is how bad we are, subconsciously our mentality will shift for the worse. We’ll begin to doubt ourselves and lose the “kid” inside of us who once believed we could accomplish anything. Also we’ll begin to give up on our healthy lifestyle and go back to the wrong food choices even when we know what’s right for us. Check out this piece from Napoleon Hill book Think and Grow Rich:
If you fill your mind with fear, doubt and unbelief in your ability to connect with and use forces of Infinite Intelligence, the law of autosuggestion will take this spirit of unbelief and use it as a pattern by which your subconscious mind will translate it into its physical equivalent.
So in other words, we will become what our mind says we will become. Hearing the wrong messages and eating the wrong foods over and over will have a profound effect on us no matter who we are. That’s why is extremely important to be mindful of what we say, listen to, and nourish our bodies with. It’s not wise to feed our children junk food every day for breakfast and expect them to be physically healthy in the long term, just like it’s not wise to call them stupid and expect them to behave any other way.

Noise does have a purpose in our life. I think it’s a constant reminder of the significance of adversity and why having the right people in our corner, is essential. Adversity helps define us. Getting rid of the noise we face permanently is impossible. Nonetheless, if we feel like someone or something is impeding our progress, we must learn to limit and except our exposure to them. I know limiting our exposure to our family members can be tough especially when it’s our household. However we have to modify how we approach that particular noise. Having the right people in our corner to strengthen us is a great start. Here are a few tips to help with limiting and dealing with noise:
• If you are trying to change your lifestyle to a healthy one and your friends and/or spouse are not on board, make sure you surround yourself with at least four people you can talk to who are living the lifestyle you are trying to attain.
• Anytime someone says something negative to you, smile about it and just know it’s them and not you.
• If someone is constantly telling you what you can’t do, just know they are more than likely afraid of your success. Also, they probably can’t do it themselves.
• If you feel like someone has gotten the best of you, go for a nice walk or jog. This simple exercise can help you clear your mind.
• Read inspiring and positive books. Also listen to positive speeches on YouTube or any other source you find available.
• Find a nice quiet place to meditate for at least 10 minutes

I’m reminded that our brains are powerful tools. If we feed it the right messages, great things will happen to us; yet the opposite holds true as well. Please share your experience with noise and how you are currently dealing with them… I hope this helps!!!!


About balancej

I'm a humbled man on the mission to achieve as much of life's wisdom that I possibly can. I'm fascinated by the way we live our lives and the areas we place the most emphasis on as humans. I believe that in order to achieve life's greatest gifts, we have to balance our lives. This balance consists of spirituality, mental and physical health, relationships, career, and money in this order. Anytime these areas of life are out of place, we can expect more stress than we need. I hope you enjoy visiting my site as I share the current and future knowledge of attaining the wonderful balance of life.
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